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Bulk Containers
  Collapsable Crate, Transport Canada Approved, United Nations Approved, and ISO 9001:2008 certified collapsible containers. Our signature product line, this collapsible wooden container is an solution to many problems in shipping. It is especially useful for hazardous material, marine transport, and remote locations. The SEA-CAN keeps goods safe and dry even in Arctic conditions.
Intermodal Containers
  Certified Containers for Intermodal Transport. Cargo Containers for Marine, Rail, and Truck Transport. All of our Containers are Customs cleared with duties paid. Intermodal Cargo Containers are great for storage and shipping.

Custom Crating
  Custom crates, specialized interiors, and hardware. Experts in custom crate solutions since 1976, Sea-Can can product the custom crate that fits your needs. Our resilient custom designs ensure a proper fit and maximum protection products of any size.
Chemical Packaging
  Package your Chemical and Drilling Fluids for safe transport and storage. Drilling mud and chemicals can be kept dry and protected from the elements by packaging them in a SEA-CAN IBC. The SEA-CAN IBC has proven itself by keeping chemicals dry for years, even in Arctic conditions.
Pipe transport
Pipe Bunk
  Safe Transport and Storage for medium/large diameter pipe and bar. Sea-Can is a leader in packaging and dunnage solutions for pipe, tanks, tubes, and bar. We can provide you with made-to-order solution kits for whatever you need to transport.
Pipe Packaging Materials
  Sea-Can Containers can supply materials for your pipe packaging for transport by truck. for transport on Truck, Railcar, and Intermodal Container.
Tank Saddles and Cradles
  Secure your pipe and tanks. Sea-Can builds cradles for fiberglass, steel, and concrete tanks. Saddles can be made in both standard and non standard sizes.
Separators andWedges
  Not every situation warrants the high strength and security of Pipe Bunk. Smaller shipments of pipe can be blocked and secured easily with Separators, Wedges and Chock blocks.
Pallets & Dunnage
Specialty Pallets
  Get pallets specially made for whatever job you need done. We manufacture both domestic and international products.
Pallet Boxes and Bins
  Tougher Pallet Boxes with all the options.
Custom Boxes
Tool Cribs & Equipment Boxes
Crane Pads
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